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More than 40 years of development, scientific research and advanced solutions for your safety

Water is the lifeline and the secret of human organism’s existence and it’s a super blessed by God to make the life continuum. But it needs purification, treatment and desalination. So when it comes to your safety and health for you and for your family or your employees and your industry you will not, only find Koob Company to be the best success partner to give it confidence.

Water constitutes two-thirds of the Earth’s size distributed “as follows: 97% salt water represents the seas and oceans, and 3% fresh water distributed (22% ground water and 77% of ice blocks and 1% is a water cycle in nature), water is used for drinking, food preparation and bathing and irrigation implant eat and is also used in industry and power generation. In addition to the attention of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia, where is the water sector is the most fundamental determinants of sustainable development.
We always in Koob company feel we carry on our shoulders a great responsibility in the purification and desalination of water treatment, by using the latest technology and also friendly environmentally methods.
Koob Trading and Contracting Company is a leading in the field of purification, desalination and water treatment in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region as well, where Koob company with long-standing experience in this field for more than thirty years of development of advanced systems and solutions companies. Koob Trading & Contracting Company started in 1976 AD – 1397 AH to coincide with the Modern Architectural Renaissance in Saudi Arabia. Due to the water scarcity at this time in Saudi Arabia it was necessary to find sources of desalinated water suitable for drinking, agriculture and other uses, from this point Koob company started the work in the field of desalination and purification and treatment of water with the latest equipment.



For a Better Life

Koob company began its work with a very selective chemists, engineers and technical experts in the field of purification, desalination and water treatment to guarantee the quality and safety of what we offer to our valuable clients.
The core business for Koob company is designing and implementing the desalination plants from different sources (Groundwater – Sea water) in addition to manufacture many different products in our factory such as the filter cartridges with various sizes and types (carbon – Cotton – Polycarbonate) beside the stainless steel filters, high pressure Vessels and also some chemical products for water treatment.

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Some of our Services

The company provides a myriad of integrated services in the field of purification and desalination and water treatment.

Pre-sales service

Koob Provides pre-sales services with welcoming and support for the customer from the first visit to our premises, Koob offers all the suitable solutions and technical consulting services to the customers with all the credibility to choose of the best and not the most expensive.

Variety of products

Koob has many products that fit customers’ options vary in terms of where designs and needs of the individual or corporate

Negotiating flexibility

our sales team are qualified and well trained to help the customer and provide all the information that helps to choose the best.

Installation & Warrant

The product should install according to the technical methods to maintain the quality and results. From this moment the warranty period is starting as per the committed period.

  KOOB Products

in the field of purification and desalination and water treatment.

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