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The company provides a myriad of integrated services in the field of purification and desalination and water treatment.

Pre-sales service

Koob Provides pre-sales services with welcoming and support for the customer from the first visit to our premises, Koob offers all the suitable solutions and technical consulting services to the customers with all the credibility to choose of the best and not the most expensive.

Variety of products

Koob has many products that fit customers’ options vary in terms of where designs and needs of the individual or corporate.

Negotiating flexibility

our sales team are qualified and well trained to help the customer and provide all the information that helps to choose the best.

Installation & Warrant

The product should install according to the technical methods to maintain the quality and results. From this moment the warranty period is starting as per the committed period.

After-sales service

At Koob the after-sales service is an important sales strategy plan therefor it has some features as follow:


the technical support process during the warranty period, or in the maintenance contract period are the stage that builds the trust and reliance with our customers. And also Koob is welcoming any suggestions that lead to the development of the system in the public benefit.

Quick Response

We consider all the calls and handling them according to the emergency and urgency.


The birth of trust is an endless contract with our customers, so we strive to be up to your expectation through our professional technical support team.

Support Team

Koob is employing  qualified technical teams ” Engineers, chemists and technicals” for maintenance and Technical support.