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Koob Trading and Contracting Company is a leading in the field of purification, desalination and water treatment in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region as well, where Koob company with long-standing experience in this field for more than thirty years of development of advanced systems and solutions companies. Koob Trading & Contracting Company started in 1976 AD – 1397 AH to coincide with the Modern Architectural Renaissance in Saudi Arabia. Due to the water scarcity at this time in Saudi Arabia it was necessary to find sources of desalinated water suitable for drinking, agriculture and other uses, from this point Koob company started the work in the field of desalination and purification and treatment of water with the latest equipment.
Koob company began its work with a very selective chemists, engineers and technical experts in the field of purification, desalination and water treatment to guarantee the quality and safety of what we offer to our valuable clients.
The core business for Koob company is designing and implementing the desalination plants from different sources (Groundwater – Sea water) in addition to manufacture many different products in our factory such as the filter cartridges with various sizes and types (carbon – Cotton – Polycarbonate) beside the stainless steel filters, high pressure Vessels and also some chemical products for water treatment.
Over these years we have succeeded to develop our labs, tools and products according to international quality standards, which strongly helped us in the implementation of mega-projects matching the best specifications and the highest quality with reasonable price, such as bottled healthy drinking water – digging wells and make extensions for Sanitation and drinking water – desalination and treatment of fixed and mobile water plants – Processing and implementation of water and soil analysis laboratories for many different places such as (Factories – residential complexes – Hospitals – Schools – palaces – villas) in Saudi Arabia and abroad (Sudan – Yemen – Mauritania – etc.) we consider each project is an honor certificate for us and our name “Koob” become an icon for health, safety and quality in our customers” minds.
The sharp and smart vision for Koob company and the brilliant teamwork leaded the business to excellence and qualified to get many of the international and national certificates and also obtained membership in the World Health Organization also got the golden seal of the World Organization of the quality of water, which is considered Koob one of its prominent members since 1994, The membership of the Organization of American water business, we also have cooperation with a huge number of the biggest international companies.


Since the first day of the journey Koob has realized the big responsibility to execute projects and deliver products directly related to something essential in human life. So Koob company always working on research and study techniques also machines and equipment, such as chillers, filters, devices desalination and measuring devices salts.
Koob walks step by step according to the quality standards to ensure the consumer safety by identical specifications for the World Health Organization and the Association of water quality, to present innovative services and projects to maintain the safety and comfort of the individual and the society as a whole.

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The company strives to be the optimal and permanent choice to the customers, by offering affordable local products with high quality capable to compete with international products. Koob also aspires to always be in the lead and engrave its name as a Saudi company able to pass the country’s borders with its skills, expertise and good reputation to provide the customers who have given us the confidence with the latest solutions.


Why Koob is the Best

Koob Company has a great and a large customer base was built over the years with credibility, quality and latest technology.

The company has achieved great success in the field of water purification; Koob was able to supply the best equipment from the internal filters and bollards. That conforms to the specifications of the World Health Organization and the Association of Water Quality with good prices, while ensuring the availability of spare parts for filters, which amounted to more than 350 types.
Sterilization of Drinking Water Field: It has been providing the best sterilization equipment worldwide by supplying UV-ray equipment. Where we were lucky to install a huge central processing units provided with filters At Mount Arafat in Mecca to serve the pilgrims.

Water Desalination Field: as we have mentioned before designing and implementing of desalination plants is the main field for Koob, so the desalination plants are designed with high technical specifications to be durable and endure the weather of Saudi Arabia. In addition to the nonstop creative and innovative solutions to make balance between the quality and price. At Koob we determined that the best way to desalinate salt water and are less expensive reverse osmosis theory. Koob also can supply and provide equipment for homes, factories, farms and hospitals whatever the production capacity started from 400 gallons up to more than 5 million gallons a day.

The desalination plants are designing through specialized computer programs to determine the kind of the reverse osmosis membranes that suit for this kind of water, in addition to the water treatment of bacterial contamination. Desalination plants are also characterized by high-quality electric panels’ display with ease and accuracy the reasons for the imbalance and faults in the station, and there are high-pressure pumps and stainless steel filters, as well as reverse osmosis membranes with high quality.
Koob has established more than 6000 Wells desalination plant, and 1300 Sea desalination plants in addition to 220,000 Home desalination units.

Our Stats

Some of our achievements and statistics

Water Purification Equipment units

Wells desalination plants

Sea desalination plants

filter cartridges


Service Quality

In 2010 Koob has won the implementation of two important government official tenders of the Ministry of Electricity and water in Asir region as below:

The first tender:
Operating and maintaining networks and pumping stations Processing Station sewage in the governorate of Bisha with absorptive capacity of 7,500 cubic meters a day.

The first tender:
Operating and maintaining networks and pumping stations Processing Station sewage in the governorate of Bisha with absorptive capacity of 7,500 cubic meters a day.

Koob is designing, implementing and supplying all types of equipment and tools that integrated with the latest international technologies for the bottled water production plants (US – Italian – French – Turkish – Korean – Taiwan … and many others of professional lines that are working globally over the years) such as follows:

  • Cups production lines (Automatic – semi-automatic) with productive different capacity as customers’ desire.
  • Bottles production lines (5-6) gallon (Automatic – semi-automatic) with different productive capacities as customers’ desire.
  • Bottles production lines Capacity 330 ml – 600 ml – 1,500 ml of integrated multi-productive capacities and the latest world-class technologies.
  • Koob submits after-sales service during the warranty period, annual maintenance contracts and all the technical consultations.
  • Koob has a team of qualified engineers and technicians in the field of mobile maintenance and also rapid desalination plants maintenance team to fix any failures in a record time high technique.
  • Last but not least the development of machines, equipment and follow-up the scientific and technological development in this field.

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